Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trench-filling at M's Dome has come to a whoa...

Though the rock situation has been resolved - explosively, in one case - we're back to my old nemesis "not enough parts."

M wants to run a water line for a faucet in the curved front wall between the Dome and the powerhouse. Makes perfect sense, and it's now or never because the water line we need to splice it into is destined to be under about ten feet of dirt. But search as we did we just couldn't find the right parts. We went to the little town about 45 miles away, where there's an excellent hardware store, and missed closing time by mere minutes.

So for now I've just been chipping more rock, and also widening the trench at the far curve, just where the hole to be filled opens back up. It's right there that the water line runs, that we need to splice into for the new faucet. So I can't cover it up just now, which means there's not much but fiddling to do.

Aw, damn.

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