Sunday, May 20, 2012

Went on a little expedition yesterday...

Near where I live is a dried-up shitsplat of a little town that's been around for a long, long time. Somehow they even get grass and trees and gardens to grow, and I imagine that took generations of careful irrigation and soil amendment.

And once a year they throw a combination car show and chili cook-off. Yesterday I tagged along with my good neighbor D, just for lack of anything more constructive to do.

 All this green shady stuff seem really strange to me.

 My neighbor D decided to see if he could get a new gun belt. He tried to go the wonder-nine semiauto route like everybody else, but now he's no fooling back to his single action .45.

 I don't suppose I should be surprised that in redneck country there are a lot of really cool cars hidden in garages here and there.

 More of that shady stuff. What do you call those big green things?

To my shock, I actually encountered a fine example of my all-time favorite "If I were rich" dream car. Not original, though: The fuel-injected 5.0L engine looks like it was pried screaming from a mid-eighties Mustang.

And that's about all there was to see. The chili was good, though.


Jac said...

The group that settled that area always seem to have nice trees in their towns... Knack for long-term planning, I guess.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Oh yeah... I want one of those in the 427 variety. Like you said, if I was rich...

Anonymous said...

I was just speculating property there a while back. Didn't see anything in my price range.
I guess their long term planning meant keeping the likes of me out.
Seems from the looks I don't have a swanky enough car anyway.


Tam said...

Looks like a 1980s Autokraft. Neat!