Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And then...THEN we'll all be safe.

The war on men...
Pretty soon, men will not be allowed out in public unescorted by a woman or some authority.
I think it's possible that every guy has a story like this. Maybe not thrown out of the store bad, but bad. I have occasionally thought that if I'm to be assumed untrustworthy just because I'm a guy, why shouldn't I just go ahead and be untrustworthy? The pay's the same.

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Matt said...

The difference isn't the pay. One requires honor the other doesn't.

I hope the store personnel were severely chastised by Barnes and Noble. Never throw out customers before they have spent to much money on over priced childrens muclh. Bet that guy was never thrown out of Amazon.

Tam said...

That's BS, alright.

It sucks to be discriminated against or thought poorly of because of your sex, doesn't it? You know what's even worse? When people tell you to quit whining or that it didn't really happen or you're overreacting and it's not really that bad. THAT will really frost your ass.

MamaLiberty said...

I KNEW there had to be a perfectly good reason why I never, ever wanted to enter a B&N store. Just never could articulate it.

Oh, I remember now. I was teaching at the college and went in there to see about a book our student store didn't have... and they brushed me off without a second glance. I didn't bother to tell them that they'd just potentially lost a sale to every student in my class. A small book store in the next town got that business. Funny how that works.

And now that I've found e-books, wha-hooo! I just download them.

Something tells me that B&N will soon complete their trip to the scrap heap of history.

Orphan said...

Tam -

I suspect that bit of snark was a reminder about sexism against women, but that's pretty much where everybody who has noticed the way men have increasing been treated over the last twenty years are already at.

Except whenever we bring it up we're rebuked about how there's still sexism against women, as if men's issues can't be addressed until women's issues are all resolved.

Brian Dunbar said...

Maybe not thrown out of the store bad, but bad.

Few years back, a girl-child or maybe 3 was in Wal-Mart, crying, looking for Mommy.

Now, I've got kids, I feel. I stopped her, told her we'd find Mommy. Stood up, looked around. Thought maybe I'd find a clerk, have 'Mom' paged ... and around the corner came Mom, frantic.

And I got such a look from that woman. As if I'd done something wrong by just standing there. Snatched up her spawn's hand off they went without so much as a thank-you.

I don't do that anymore.

Anonymous said...

@ Orphan : Exactly

... frosting my ass are the potential consequences to my life, liberty, and freedom because someone somewhere thinks they saw me do .... something.

"Officer, that one over there with the penis. Yeah, that's him."