Friday, June 15, 2012

More Sorrier...

There's not much in the way of time or energy for blogging just now. Making progress, though! Really!

I've got lumber enough for the floor and about two walls for the new powerhouse/storage shed. Floor's completely in now (And that's in a single day, which for me constitutes breakneck speed) and I hope to raise at least the framing for two walls this evening when it cools off. We're well into summer here. Don't know what I'm gonna do about roofing but can't put it off because it looks like Monsoon might arrive a little early.

Also, I'm now the proud owner of two new different batteries: 225 CCA six-volt Exides. I don't know the actual condition, but unless they're a lot more sulfated than they were represented to be they're the answer to my prayers and the price was right. We'll see. Now - if they work out - I can spend money formerly earmarked for batteries on a new charge controller, and except for wiring and conduit I'll have everything needed for a complete solar power upgrade. And boy, do I need it. But I do need a place to put it all, hence the hurry on the shed.

Scrounging can be taken too far, it seems...

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