Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For the record, I love pizza.

Only six hours of stuccoing in the hot sun today, and we made serious progress. We have one day left, and it really looks like we'll be able to get all the way around.

As soon as the tools were clean we loaded into Landlady's little car and went to town. I called the pizza place on the way in. We stopped for propane at the Mexican restaurant, yes, you read that right, and they were busy and it took for freakin' ever and both of us were hot and tired and filthy and slavering for pizza. Finally got that out of the way, picked up the pie, and headed back out to the boonies.

Forget sex. Forget money. You want to know temptation? Temptation is a half-hour car ride with a hot pizza on your lap.

Landlady's little house is gonna look really good. Forgot the camera again.

Bath now. Bath and collapse. Bath and collapse and Patrick O'Brian. More or less in that order.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Gettin' some Lucky Jack Aubrey are ya? All I lack is "Blue at the Mizzen" and "The Unfinished Voyage" and I'll have read the whole series.

Anonymous said...

I've always found Maturin the more interesting character.

Probably among my top five favorites in fiction.