Friday, July 6, 2012

It's sort of like...

...a five-year-old asks you to turn on a lamp, and you deliver the crated parts of a nuclear power plant on his lawn. Step One... is on-line, but not ready for showtime. I've finally figured out:
*how to load the title pic
*how to import the old blog's contents

This blog is going on four years old and there are almost 3000 posts, so the importation is taking a long time. I won't know what will actually happen until that process completes. I've still no clue how to set up the sidebar or even how to access the new email address.

Bear with me. Today was slated for laundry and bread-making, but now it looks like I'll be glued to the keyboard at least while the power lasts. Hopefully it won't cloud up till late. Fortunately I left the 'pooter alone yesterday afternoon, so the batteries are in good shape until the solar panels start giving me some push. I hope to announce the new site today, but it's not the sort of thing where you should take a deep breath and hold it till then.

I used to be better at this sort of thing, but at my best I was never the guy you wanted maintaining your website.


MamaLiberty said...

I'm sure none of us is going to push you, Joel. Just glad you are going to continue. Take your time. :)

MamaLiberty said...

Well, other than the fact that my grammar is pretty terrible this morning. Sheech

Note to self:
Don't change a sentence around until you have re-read it several times both ways!