Monday, April 27, 2009

Click the Prolific, Magnus the Lucky!

I was up and down last night with an upset stomach brought on by too much actual food. So this morning's normal rising time came and went without too much notice taken by me. Magnus and Fritz didn't mind this very much; Ghost was getting a bit testy about it.

At maybe eight in the morning, a time when I've normally been up for three or four hours and usually out of the lair for at least one, Click came in through her little door and started tossing something about. The noise and movement was unusual, so I looked up from my book (Day of the Jackal, Frederick Forsyth) to find Click bouncing a dead - or nearly dead - field mouse off the furniture. I wasn't the only one paying attention. Magnus looked up from where he had barely stirred all morning - bladder like a cistern, that boy - and roused himself just as Click gave a mightier-than-was-good-for-her toss and momentarily lost the mouse up on my sitting bench. Magnus knew just what that was all about, and apparently decided little Click could use some help retrieving her toy. He surged off the couch, padded to the bench, reached over, and ... crunch.

She just looked disgusted and went back outdoors. Later in the morning I found TWO mice drowned in the dogs' water bucket. One isn't real unusual, but I never saw two in the same night. The body count rises, heh heh.

BTW, there's a puppy update! Our new little friend is coming to live with us later this very week, probably Friday. I sent the pet carrier to the city with my weekender neighbors, S&L, and they'll be bringing him here. It's the all-black Akita/Shepherd/Doberman(?) mix. Unfortunately no pictures available at present. It was down to two, and the owners decided that, we having traded some emails, the pretty brown & black one was too shy for our purposes. Probably wise; I fear too shy more than too rambunctious. Though my other neighbors D&L recently got a puppy from hell that's got me re-thinking the wisdom of the whole enterprise. Geez, that little guy has a tightly-wound spring. I hate that. But here we go anyway...

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