Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things to do today...

  1. Walky Time.
  2. Empty trailer of M's *&^%! concrete.
  3. Run hose, get build site cistern filling barrels for *&^%! concrete.
  4. Figure out how much more lumber I need to frame the lair's walls - conclusion: A lot.
  5. When W goes to town, get him to buy new screen for screen door, damaged when Beauty tried to eat Click.
  6. Figure out if the reason the generator's circuit breaker keeps popping is a weak circuit breaker - conclusion: Apparently not.
  7. Figure out why Click has decided to shit exclusively indoors - conclusion: Damaged cat door.
  8. Fill the cistern.
  9. Water the trees.
  10. Fill the cistern.
  11. Find Little Bear - conclusion: LB has decided he's big enough to leave the property alone.
  12. Explain to Little Bear that he is not, in fact, big enough etc.
  13. Find Little Bear.
  14. Discipline Beauty for trying to kill D&L's psychotic puppy, whether or not he deserved it.
  15. Find Beauty.
  16. Laundry.
  17. Fix screen door - for approximately the 4,936th time.
  18. Fill water jugs.
  19. Empty black water tank.
  20. Replace broken black water tank valve.
  21. Bathe. Bathe again.
  22. Attempt to fix cat door - conclusion: Plastic breaks real good.
  23. Replace cat door, apparently damaged beyond repair by simultaneous entry of cat and large rabbit.
  24. Feed Click to Beauty.
  25. Snacky Time.
  26. Find Little Bear.
  27. Eat breakfast.
  28. Seek serenity in life.


Anonymous said...

"Feed Click to Beauty."

You did NOT!

Junker said...

Here's hoping life is as sweet as your list is long.