Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mostly he just blocks the sun, but...

Once in a while William Shatner becomes indispensable.

This is the artist formerly known as Kirk, reciting what I'm told (I haven't personally confirmed this, and I'm pretty sure I'll always be too squeamish busy to do so) is an actual, word-for-word transcript of a portion of Sarah Palin's farewell speech as Alaska's governatrix.


I think we should have made her VP after all. She sounds much more entertaining than the guy we've got now.

Update: Bummer. YouTube took it down. Copyright violation, doncha know.


C.M. said...

Taken down due to copy write issues. That didn't take very long.

Joel said...

Crap. Sorry.

C.M. said...

Some else sent me this link. As of now it does work.


I really wish folks would get off her, its not like the other politicians aren't saying and doing incredibly stoooooopid stuff.

CaptGooch said...

Yep it still works for me at any rate.

I'm on a dial-up so it's still downloading .... ho hum.

The comments at the YouTube site were pretty funny too.