Saturday, September 26, 2009


Having come up with an unorthodox solution to a part of the Lair's insulation problem, M and I went to S&L's house to pick up the interior siding. I'll have to put up part of it to hold the clothing/insulation in place, don't ya see.

It was stored in a falling-down storage building at one corner of S&L's property, and while on the way there from their house S told me he was planning to pull it down when he got the time - he'd just put up up quickly many years ago, and the weather was having its way with it.

So we opened it up to pull out the siding, and here was all this...fiberglass insulation. Good stuff, not doing a soul a bit of good, just infinite nesting for the mice that owned the place. S looked at M, and they both looked at me...and we're going back later in the week to pull it out. My ceiling insulation needs are met! Between that and the clothing, I think I've got everything but the under-floor insulation nailed! Weeee!

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Anonymous said...

Ask and you shall receive, sir. Good on ya. :^)