Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cross the River, Burn the Bridge

Looking at the millions of Americans it leaves uninsured, and the millions it leaves with worse treatment and reduced access, and the millions it makes pay significantly more for their current health care, one can only marvel at Harry Reid’s genius: government health care turns out to be all government and no health care. Adding up the zillions of new taxes and bureaucracies and regulations it imposes on the citizenry, one might almost think that was the only point of the exercise.
And while that's very witty and all, and I don't actually disagree with a word of it, I looked at the author (Mark Steyn) and the source (National Review) and I asked, 'so what's your solution to all this meddling, Mark?' His solution, of course, would be to hire a bunch of republicans next election. Who would not repeal a single syllable of this horror-show of a law once they got in office, any more than the democrats ended the republican forever-war in Iraq and Afghanistan the way they promised.

Right wing - left wing: Same stinking carrion bird in between.

Seriously, we're screwed.

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The Grey Lady said...


I happen to Love Mark Steyn. I have always enjoyed his sarcastic humour, right to the quick of the matter. Is he currently identified with the "right"? I suppose so, but took that as someone who is still at the stage of working within the system to effect change. Part of me admires the optimism associated with the constant headbanging and postponed disappointment.
It also could be as simple as he has been instrumental in exposing and discrediting the power hungry overreaching Human Rights Commissions and their bat sh#t crazy punative ambitions with the "tribunals" here in Canada. They should have NEVER tried to Shut up Mark and Ezra Levant. A thing I will be ever grateful for. It brought the discontent from the shadowy conspiracy nut-bars to mainstream, now there is almost no one that doesn't want something done about the HRC's.

(Do not be disturbed by the name change I have decided to start a blog...written nothing yet but the bones are there. One day soon...)