Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh man, oh man, oh man... Pt. ... Oh, who knows?

Before dawn on Day 3 (4, for us) of the SAR show. Too much to remember, because it's all jumbled together in my head. Days that start around 5 in the morning and end whenever my hosts can beat their dozen or so guests to their beds, like 10 or 11. I and two other guys are dossing on cots in their kitchen and happy to have the sleeping space. Guns...Oh, geez, there are guns (and gun makers, and gun collectors) the likes of which most people have never heard of, let alone seen, and they might actually be happier for that.

I'm gonna need time to sort it all out in my mind before I can describe some of it; it's pretty overwhelming for a used-up boony rat. But yes, I'm alive and - except for having blisters in places most people don't have places - quite well. And except for the occasional impulse toward mass murder if that's what it takes to get these people to shut up so I can get some sleep, having fun. I thought I'd have some eye candy to post this morning, but for some reason the pics I emailed myself didn't show. And oh, that's a shame. Scary monsters and pretty girls.

More - probably much more - ASAP.

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