Sunday, December 6, 2009

For W..

...Who claims never to have heard a Tom T. Hall song other than (gurg) Sneaky Snake.


C,M, said...

I remember my Dad dragging me to see Tom T Hall as a young person. I was always kinda partial to Old dogs, children and watermelon wine.

have to say Tom T was much better then the usual stuff Dad used to listen to.

Uncle W. said...

W. has now officially heard three Tom T. Hall songs (in addition to Sneaky Snake -- heard once several decades ago). W. still wonders why so many people like country music.

That said, Hall does seem to have a lovable sense of humor, and the refrain from "Faster Horses" will now, forevermore, be part of the repertoire of mindless music that echoes periodically through W.'s idle brain.