Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yike! Still in Phoenix...

After seven hours on the road!

We got caught in the storm, in M's faithful but not terribly snow-loving pickup. We got into the mountains and the snow got a bit rough, trucks fishtailing all over the place, visibility not to be found, but we soldiered on until stopped by a highway patrolman who inquired if we had snow chains. I hoped that perhaps he wanted to borrow some, but no - he turned us right around when we replied in the negative.

While discussing options for alternate routes, we ran into a snow-bound traffic jam. A bit of recon showed us a jackknifed truck blocking the road ahead. Long story short: we're broke, we didn't want to spend the last of our pooled cash just to get stranded in some motel for a day or more, so we're back where we started.

This trip has officially turned into too much fun. Wah! I wanna go home!

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Uncle W. said...

Have you considered renting a condo in Phoenix? Judging by the weather, it might be some time before you can return to un-civilization.

And I understand real estate in PHX has gotten cheaper and cheaper lately. :-)