Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally got a respectable snowfall

It was six inches at seven this morning, and three hours later it's still coming down hard. I just got my satellite connection back, and may lose it again before I finish this post.

Little Bear loves the snow, and he's in heaven at the moment. Despite my (and Ghost's) inclination I'll probably have to trudge out for a Walky just so he can get his tunneling-in-the-snow fix. For Ghost, a little of the white stuff goes a long way. He and I are in agreement on that, though at the moment he might add a codicil about staking LB out in the hills for the coyotes 'cause he's being a real pain in the ass when all the adults want is to watch the snow through the window of our nice warm lair.


Uncle W. said...

Helps to brush the snow off the satellite dish, you know.

Thanks for digging me out this morning.

peregrin said...


You've got more snow than we do here in SE Mich. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I probably shouldn't mention that it was close to 60 today and balmy in the lovely PNW.

Uncle W. said...

Yeah, you probably shouldn't. I really hope you don't. ;-)

We got more snow last night and are still digging out.

Uncle W. said...

BTW. L2 ... only kidding.

We did get more snow. But only about an inch. Very nice snow without high winds or low temperatures.

I'm just bitching for effect. Since Joel once again shoveled my porch before I even got my lazy but out of bed, I've got nothing to complain about.

Anonymous said...

hehehe--- Uncle W. I knew you kidding in your first comment. More snow, heh? Us PNwesterners got soggy yesterday. My commute home from the island was a bitch. I hydroplaned twice there was so much water on the freeway.

Today? Lovely and sunny. =)