Friday, January 22, 2010

Quote of the Day

Seen at Tam's place, where it did not originate:
Cows are more afraid of a barking dog than a booming gun, which explains their position on the food chain.
I can testify that this is true. I have fired pistols and rifles in an attempt to drive off cattle before the dogs got involved and received nothing for my expense and effort but a stupid look. (Well, technically a cow is incapable of looking at anything any other way, but let that go.) Introduce a barking dog, which by itself couldn't actually hurt the cow, and the result is either fight or flight depending on the mood of the cow. Just saying. Even rabbits are smarter than cattle, and they're food too. I assume this is the result of selective breeding, because I cannot imagine how any species that stupid could have survived in the wild long enough to be domesticated.

I understand the logic of open range laws, but live every day with their disadvantages.

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You might want to watch these vids and blog about them

I found these on Bruce Schneier's blog.

This one is funny.

but funny because that's where we are headed.

This one is not funny.

The scanner caught a subject's cell phone and Swiss Army knife -- and the microphone he was wearing -- but missed all the components to make a bomb that he hid on his body. Admittedly, he only faced the scanner from the front and not from the side. But he also didn't hide anything in a body cavity other than his mouth -- I didn't think about that one -- he didn't use low density or thinly sliced PETN, and he didn't hide anything in his carry-on luggage.
end quote

Full body scanners are not only a dreadful idea for a loooong list of reasons - THEY DON'T WORK.