Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody as Bluegrass?


But you know...it kind of almost works. It's probably a good thing Freddy Mercury is dead, or this would kill him.

Or...maybe he'd approve. Never met the man.

H/T to WRSA.


The Grey Lady said...

Everyone thinks they can do Freddy.

Almost 13 MILLION hits on this one.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard Hayseed Dixie's Tribute to AC/DC? Freakin' awesome!

Off topic: Zombieland came out on dvd today. Uncle W needs to watch it and give me feedback on his opinion of the flick.

Anonymous said...

Great Video =) Thanks for sharing. L2

Uncle W. said...

L2: Uncle W. has had Zombieland in his Netflix queue since the very day you first mentioned it. Pushed to the top, also. Now it's just a matter of waiting his turn. Patiently. Yes, very patiently. Or not, as the case may be.

Joel said...

By a wild and unlikely series of circumstances, I have actually seen Zombieland. I'm not a big zombie movie (or Woody Harrelson) fan, but I must admit that it's very, very entertaining. Also, it has Twinkies.

Anonymous said...

Twinkies #32: Gotta Enjoy the Little Things.

Since Uncle W. must wait patiently, I must wait patiently as well. Joel, I'm glad your unlikely series of circumstances brought you to a viewing of ZL. I saw it 4 times already, thanks to the local $2 theatre and a few unsuspecting people I was able to drag along with me.

I'll watch some more Hayseed Dixie on youtube while I wait....

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Ailin said...

Huh. I had been wondering where Ari found this. I guess now I know.