Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Does anybody know...

...an affordable (free) way to reduce the size of an .avi file?

I've been playing with the video feature of this cool digital camera, but even a second or two of video goes ten meg and I can't upload or post it. A video of any length is many times that size. But YouTube videos can run 30 minutes or more. Unless they've got some compression I can't figure out, they must be immense!


The Grey Lady said...

Joel , can I post your question at a geeky computer related forum I Mod on??

The Grey Lady said...

Would you be interested in uploading directly from your Camera, using the computer as a conduit, on to another medium something like a "photobucket" type site . There you would get an imbed url to post much like a youtube.If this could be done, would this solve your problem for you?

Dang the spell check won't work.

Joel said...

I've got a VERY slow connection - not quite phone modem slow, but slow. I was playing with the camera this afternoon and it seems I can reduce the size of the files before sending it to my pooter, but I still have to upload it. Don't know yet if I can or not.

All I know right now is that I can't go right from my computer to blogger.com. Does photobucket even take .avi files? It didn't occur to me to look. Maybe that would work, if I could get an embed code to put on my blog.

It's not a big deal, but it would be cool if I could do it.

The Grey Lady said...

Ok just so I have this clear, you have managed to compress the .avi file enough to download it off the camera onto your computer. Yes or no.

YOu are looking for a program to further compress it, because your internet connection is very sloooow is , you wish to upload it onto some sort of site like youtube or photobucket. Yes or no.

YOu would like a free hosting site that will provide an embed code so you can put the video on your blog. Yes or no.

They are going to ask me What system are you using? Vista? windows? version?

Do you know how big the file currently is?

If you would like I could send you the link via e-mail to the geeky forum so you could post and get answers directly. But I do not mind going this way.

I'm going to make an initial post to give them the general idea of what you are seeking. Have a good night