Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here's an interesting viewpoint...

From LRC, Mark Crovelli's article "What Has 'The Union" Ever Done for Colorado?" It's a (biased, granted) history of the many ways and times the Federal government has gotten Coloradoans killed in the name of "protecting" them from threats that, in hindsight, don't seem terribly threatening - to Coloradoans, anyway.

He sums it up thus:
Enough time has passed, and enough Coloradoan blood has been spilled on foreign soil, for Coloradoans to realize that the federal government has not, and never will, protect Colorado from foreign threats. For, the tragic history of the relationship between Coloradoans and the federal government reveals no foreign threats to Colorado except those provoked or imagined by the federal government. The historical record reveals, in other words, a federal government that is itself bathed in the blood of Coloradoans.
He ends his essay with a suggestion that, if we accept his logic, seems perfectly logical:
The time has come for Coloradoans to tell the federal government to go to hell if it thinks it is going to send more Coloradoans off to die in the name of "protecting" them.

The time has come for Coloradoans to secede from the bloodthirsty federal government in order to defend their very lives from their supposed "protector."

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