Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yay! New Pooter!

And it's a zippy thing! Plus I can actually see the screen.

Unca W spent about four hours loading Linux Mint and associated apps on it, moved all my email archives (a good thing since buried in there are a number of long-forgotten usernames and passwords) and even GPG works!

Mint seems close enough in operation to Windoze that I get more cognitive dissonance from a Mac than from this puppy. I'm having more trouble with the different keyboard action and having to keep my right thumb away from the slightly-differently-placed whatchacallit that you accidentally bump your thumb on and suddenly you're typing four lines up from where you wanted to be. Took my months to learn how to avoid that with the Dell, but today I'm remembering the many curses I cursed.

It'll even play commercial DVDs! I may marry it!

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