Friday, February 5, 2010

Whoa! Cool!

So the boys woke me up a little early, hydraulic pressure painfully squeezing them against the lair's door. I let them out, watched them bullet toward the slope, and settled down to the construction of coffee & ciggie. Boot up my poor doomed ol' 'pooter and check the email and blog stats.

Holy crap, something happened late yesterday to suddenly drive traffic here. That usually means I offended somebody, which is always fun. Check the references, and there's a whole bunch of:

Claire What? She's my hero! No way I'm not clicking on that link!

Turns out she wrote a nice plug for TUAK! How'd she even know it existed? Nice! Thanks, Claire, long time no speak!

And welcome to new guests. C'mon in and set a spell. Look around, make yourselves at home! Mi blog es su blog.

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