Friday, February 5, 2010

Walkies and chores

Moved this morning's walky time up a bit, though it was still pretty cold for poor old Uncle Joel. We've been getting quite a bit of snow, most of which melted yesterday, which means your choices are to walk on frozen clay or melted clay. The first one's 'way better. It's a reasonably nice day and supposed to get into the fifties, so maybe we'll lose some moisture by the afternoon walky.

The boys have been putting up with their increased detention better than I really expected them to. I let Ghost out in the yard for a while only semi-supervised and didn't get any calls from people in Minnesota wanting me to come pick up my dog. They'll be going into Gitmo pretty quick, because W and I are going into town for laundry and the month's gasoline. I went to collect gas cans and found only two empty for all last month, after filling the generator's tank! That's phenomenal! We've needed the generator so little after the solar system's upgrade that we have to remember to use it to fill the cistern. But we're resolved to keep all the gas cans full every month anyway, so to town the empties go. Seriously, though, at this rate of use we could store six months' gas without even increasing the storage capacity. Used to be fifty gallons wasn't enough for two months.

It would be cool if we could go back in time and set up this well the way M did with his last summer. In that case the generator would be nothing but an emergency back-up. But at least for the present that ship has sailed.

It's also gonna be nice when winter ends so we can turn the barn water back on and do our laundry at home (not to mention hot showers). But this winter has been so mild compared to a year ago, I've got no room for complaints on that score.

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