Friday, November 26, 2010


The good news: Landlady's new furnace works great.  Meadow House quite livable.

The bad news:  Landlady's house has no water.  Neither does the barn.  Neither, of course, does the Interim Lair.

I saw early that I had no water, and didn't give it much thought.  Temperature got down into single digits last night - the dogs' water froze - and I'd have been shocked to have water.  But it didn't occur to me to ask if water was flowing anywhere else.

The most common culprit, when everything freezes up, is the outflow pipe from the cistern.  But since the electrical system upgrade it has become practical to run heat tape there all the time, and I do.  The pressure pump has never frozen, because it's inside the powerhouse and there was always lots of battery waste heat to keep that above freezing.

Not so any more, it seems.  There's signs the pump is frozen.  I took the propane heater out of the Scriptorium and put it in the powerhouse, and must now go see what damage, if any was done.

Just got a text msg from Landlady down at the MH saying she's starting to get a drip from her faucet, so hopefully we found the culprit.  Also hopefully the pump and/or piping isn't damaged.

Have I told you lately I hate winter?

ETA: Yup, it was the pressure pump.  The pump itself was frozen, along with the outlet pipe.  A couple of hours with a propane heater blasting at it loosened things up, and Landlady and I went to town and bought a heartbreakingly expensive heat tape that will now become a permanent part of the installation.  I love you, upgraded electric system!


Anonymous said...

"Have I hold you lately I hate winter? "

You might have the same allergy that I do.
Snow, Sleet, Blizzards, Freezing Rain and Temps below 50* F. all cause smallish bumps all over my arms and legs.
Someone tried to blame them on some goose but I haven't been near a goose since golly I can't remember when.

I really enjoy the northern climes in the summer months but I have discovered that IF I stay south of 30* north during the winter months the allergy doesn't bother me too badly.

Just commiserating ....


MamaLiberty said...

I'm sorry that happened! Didn't know it got that cold there, Joel!

In five years here in Wyoming, I've only had frozen water once, and only for an hour or so. It was -20 for two days, and it seems there is a tiny air leak behind my kitchen cabinets underneath, so the cold water pipe froze a little. Had to set a space heater in front of the open sink cabinet, and one downstairs in the laundry room with the water line.

Since then, I just put the heaters in place if the temp is going below zero much. So far, so good. :)