Saturday, November 27, 2010

"That's sweet! And...kinda creepy."

So said Landlady about the latest antics of Click the Cat.

The other evening I'm down at Landlady's Meadow House.  We'd just come back from town, celebrating her new gas appliances, and now we had a drink and enjoyed the warm in what had been her very very cold, unheated embryonic house.  Ghost was there, of course, he being her dog.  I brought Little Bear with me.  And within minutes of our arrival, Click the Cat meowed to get in.

Having gotten in, she was anything but happy.  She kept following me around, raising hell.  There was nothing obvious for her to be upset about, except that our usual schedule was shot to hell and we weren't all bedded down in the Interim Lair like usual for that time of the evening.  But Ghost had been spending the past several nights away, and Click never got upset about that.  When I was working at the house, Click never came looking for me.  I began to wonder...

After a bit, I called Little Bear.  We went out the door and up the ridge.  Click followed LB closely as if herding him.  As soon as he was safely back in the lair, she curled up and didn't have an apparent care in the world.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, and I was invited to the neighbors for food.  Afterward I went back to the Meadow House for a drink with Landlady, leaving LB locked in the Lair.  Click didn't show up.

Last night, same thing.  S&L came over to Landlady's house.  I was there, Ghost was there, LB was not there.  He was safe in the Lair.  Click didn't show up.

This morning Landlady went back to the city.  After shit-shoveling, since she's currently the only one with fully functional plumbing, I exploited the market distortion and brought a week's worth of dirty dishes down the ridge to wash them at her house.  Ghost and LB were with me.  Click showed up, raising hell.

She was upset about Little Bear not being where he belongs!  If he's at home or in Gitmo, she's perfectly content.  She occasionally makes moves to go on Walkies, but intelligently won't leave the junipers and then meows piteously until she's out of earshot.  She never gets upset when I go away, or when Ghost does.  But let LB leave, and she becomes a Jewish mother.



MamaLiberty said...

A Jewish mother cat? Whew! Just be glad she IS a cat and can't talk.

My sister had a Jewish mother in law. We all loved her... but we seldom got a word in edgewise. :) And you did NOT argue with her, ever.

The Jewish mother raised eyebrow is a terrible thing to witness.

Joel said...

Who says she can't talk? 8^()