Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not Dead...

Just rilly busy. Landlady and I have been putting up roof insulation in The Meadow House, and it's a slow go. Today more of the same, plus Al the Propane Guy came by to move the big propane tank from the barn (sob) to the house (yay!) and hook up the furnace (double yay!)

Landlady's arrival on Monday coincided with some indication that God forgot to pay the heating bill, and since the Meadow House is still unheated "How'd you sleep" has suddenly become a major topic of conversation. Then after AthePG finishes up we're supposed to go to the dump. We've both been slowly filling Gitmo with big plastic bags of construction spoil that resists burning, so that's become pretty important. But it's been blowing half a gale off and on for several days now, and loading and moving the trash trailer is always an adventure in the wind - which also seems to be the only time we do it. Then we'll likely go back to insulation - hopefully with fewer layers of clothing.

Anyway, no post yesterday and this is likely to be the only one today, but I haven't forgotten you. I've got a few things hanging fire, like I got copies of the two new books from my friend Claire Wolfe and I owe them both a review. You'd like these books, whether or not you're familiar with Claire.

Also, before I forget I want to say a big THANKS! to Anonymous Donor W, (no, another W) who not only contributed substantially to the TUAK Connectivity Fund - which I didn't even know there was one - but also sent along not one but two big cans of Trader Joe's House Blend coffee which is basically the only coffee people who like coffee should drink. If I ever run out and have to resort to the stuff in the supermarket, I'll probably just give up on this "survival" thing as not worth the bother. So thanks, Anonymous Donor W! (ADW is a guy who likes to blow stuff up, which makes him a highly entertaining and welcome guest when he visits the gulch. Alas it also makes him the sort of Friend of the Gulch I don't blog about, wink wink nudge nudge. He's also a FotG whose association with it predates my own by quite a stretch.)


MamaLiberty said...

My youngest son also likes to blow things up. He liked to build and fire black powder cannons. Had to find a slightly different hobby after he blew the sliding doors (and all windows) off the garage once. Wife was not amused.... neither was the fire department, though there was no fire. Just lots and lots of glass in the street.

Anyway, I was redirected to this the first time I came to TUATK :

Something to do with horses? HUH?

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, ya old coot.