Thursday, December 23, 2010

I thought I was wrong for a moment. But I was mistaken about that.

I read this sad article a few minutes ago, about the possible demise of Michigan congress(ver)men Sander Levin and John Dingell through redistricting. Normally I try to pay no attention to electoral politics at all, suspending the resolution only as a nod to the unavoidable during high-profile elections. But this article caught my eye, because for much of my life these two tapeworms were as ubiquitous as ... er, two very bad but common things.

I never really paid that much attention to John Dingell, but Sander Levin was unavoidable when I was growing up in Michigan. It's possible investigation would prove that the drop in Michigan population was caused in part by the multitudes trampled to death by their unfortunate position between Levin and any television camera. And it occurred to me that I literally didn't remember ever experiencing a time in Michigan when he wasn't trying to run my life. I assumed he must have been in Congress since roughly the Pleistocene. So I looked it up - which shows the depths I'm prepared to sink to avoid work - and to my surprise he only entered the US congress in '83. That meant I actually had to read the damned article, which showed I was not as wrong as I thought sorta right the first time - he was in the Michigan senate since 1965. During his interregnum period in the hinterlands, I was out of the state and could safely ignore him, but I moved back just in time to experience the joy of having him on the local news pretty much every dark, evil day. Haven't given him much thought since I moved away again, and that was a long time ago.

Dingell, on the other hand, has actually been in congress since I was a wee tad. Which is more than enough to show what's wrong with congress, right there.

If gerrymandering is the only way to shed these two parasites, then as much as I abhor the corrupt practice I'd have to conclude it's a good use of a bad thing. Failing that, Michigan might need to consider nuclear weapons. These two socialists are harder to kill than roaches.


MamaLiberty said...

Had a few of the same thoughts when I saw Jerry Brown back as California governor.

You know, the old saying about doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. Crazy/insane, obviously.

Roaches, at least, are not liars and cheats.

Anonymous said...

Levin is a loathsome Maoist crank.

Dingell is, by contrast, an old Stalinist party-line man on everything except gun laws. For reasons none can comprehend, he's always stood foursquare for the Second Amendment. No, really. His voting record on such matters has been immaculate for decades.

He is perhaps the only Democrat in Washington who is not bought and paid for by Sarah Brady. This does not, of course, make his support of nationalizing the health insurance industry forgivable.

Oh well. We could do worse. And have. Bart Stupak comes instantly to mind.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they won't be replaced by someone worse?