Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'd like a camera-phone, extra creepy, please...

Of course we all know about cell phones and GPS, which is why I always remove and swallow my phone's battery before using. It's costing me a fortune.

But GPS data in digital photographs? What is the point of that?

H/T to Claire.


MamaLiberty said...

I looked all through the menus on my camera and couldn't see anything. Will have to find the book and see if it says anything about it. Weird.

Aside from the control freaks, there IS no point to it.

Charles said...

With some simple freeware you can change the metadata on your digital photos to anything you want, or delete it entirely. I can see utility in that. Just be sure you check the metadata to insure its accuracy :-) before you send a photo to someone. Tools can be used for good or ill. Just be sure you understand your tools before you use them.