Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finally figured out the final verse...

Memorize this, and you're all set for that big drunken Christmas party! You're welcome.

The Shit-Shoveling Song
(to the tune of the Wassail song)

Here we go shit-shoveling across the dusty plain
Here we go shit-shoveling in sunshine and in rain
Horses shit - Constantly!
And that's very good for me!
For it keeps me in flour, rice and beans from day to day
Yes, it keeps me in flour, rice and beans!

I am not a beggar living on a ruler's dole
Or working in an office in a gray upholstered hole
Raise your tails, ladies, do!
And I'll scoop behind you too!
For you keep me in sugar, coffee, cigarettes and brew
Doggie snacks, propane, cigarettes and brew!

Out here in the desert every creature has its place
I guard against the hunters, though they rarely show their face
But the big thing, of course!
Is the excrement of horse!
For it keeps me in all the things I need from day to day
Yes, it gives to me everything I need!

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