Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh, Yeah.

Kinda smoky inside, since I kept standing there like an idiot with the stove door open, admiring the pretty flames. But at least no smoke started pouring from the roof, or ... um ... Yeah, just forget I said that.

Quite a nippy morning, and the dogs' water froze solid outside, but once all that iron heated up the cabin became gloves-off comfortable in a reasonably short time.


Big Wooly said...

Congrats, Joel! I bet it feels great, and you are another step closer to "home"!
It's 7 degrees here in wild, wonderful WV this morning with a wind chill of 9 below. Sure could use one of those!

Mayberry said...

Awesome! There's something really satisfying to me about a smoking chimney. It just "looks" warm... Yeah, I like to watch the flames too.

Jac said...


I just house-sat for my brother in law for a week; he's got a woodstove. I have determined that wood heat is going to be a deciding factor (not *the* deciding factor, but maybe in the top 5) when I buy/build my own place.


This is very very cool. Good work!