Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'll bet you're a riot at cocktail parties...

So M has an AK receiver, and he's at loose ends as to what to do with it.

The problem isn't that M finds the prospect of building an AK daunting - far from it. M owns more AKs and variants than the residents of Mogadishu, and he built most of them*. M coached me when I built mine. M knows his AKs.

But now he has a little problem.

The problem being that he's running out of cool things to do with them. Ordinary AKs provide no challenge, and therefore no charm. Recently he got a note from the principal that he was allowed to complete his latest project, which he did, and now he needs something else.

I'm in my room this morning, reading something on my pooter. M walks in and hands me an AK receiver. "I need to think of something cool to do with this," he says.

I hold it uncertainly. "Um...is origami out of the question? I think I know where we can find a metal brake."

"Tee Hee. Maybe something with a heavy barrel."

"You already have two. SBR?"

"Done that." He started turning it over in his hands, and I saw in his eyes the inexorable slide into geek mode. He pointed at a part of the receiver just over the trigger guard.

"See, the difference in these is that there are only two rivet holes instead of the standard four, and a Romy or Hungarian front trunnion is too wide to..."

"Get out."


* Yes, it's perfectly legal. You just can't sell them afterward.

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