Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In which Joel gets stuff with a little plastic card. What a country!

So for Christmas my weekender neighbors S&L got me:

50 pounds of bread flour
2 pounds of baking yeast
2 big bottles of isopropyl alcohol
4 pounds of unsalted butter
8 pounds of boneless chicken thigh meat

...and they squeezed it all into a little plastic thing the size of a credit card!

Thursday afternoon I'm gonna be filling mason jars with chicken. No more meatless diet for a while!


suek said...

Boy that list looks familiar! (though I don't buy 50 lbs of flour, and I skip the isopropyl alcohol).

Discussion on the canning of the chicken coming?

I picked up some cases of pint size Ball jars and thought I was doing really well at $8 per dozen. Craigslist deal. Then I checked on the net - which I should have done first, darn it! - and found that while it wasn't a _bad_ deal, it wasn't all that hot either. Apparently Ace Hardware has all sorts that you order on line for pickup at your local store, increasing the variety available and eliminating the shipping charges as well.

Guess that pressure cooker is going to come in handy...! A proper pressure canner would probably be better - bigger, so a one time job - but that doesn't mean a regular cooker won't do the job.

suek said...

Oh yeah...

Why the alcohol? regular medicinal stuff, or some arcane survival technique I haven't heard of???

Joel said...

I'll be canning the chicken on Thursday, which means I'll be doing it here. Landlady has access to a number of things that make canning much easier, such as:

A refrigerator, so that the process can safely wait till Thursday
A pressure canner
A big electric stove on grid power
A dishwasher
A massive boatload of jars.

The alcohol is just to replenish what's already in the medicine cabinet, which can handle everything from splinters and blisters to sucking chest wounds.

suek said...

I bought some pint jars from a Craigslist ad. Thought I was getting a _terrific_ deal. Not so terrific - in my rush, I hadn't done my research. Not so bad either, but found out that I saved about a dollar per case. whoopee do!! Ace Hardware has a site online where you can order them for pick up at your local Ace store - which gives you great variety (much better than I've found in local grocery stores) and no shipping charges. Don't know how far _you'd_ have to drive, though.

Dishwashers are good - they'll also heat up your jars so that you don't have to do that additional step in a big pot.

I don't like electric stoves...much prefer gas. No doubt she has experience and can advise you, but watch the pressure gauge as you approach the target pressure - electric stoves take time to respond to increase and decrease in settings. Which is why I prefer gas. Easier to control, imo.

At our store, we use alcohol to clean halogen bulbs after customers touch them. They absorb the oil from your fingers, which shortens their life - and they're too expensive to shorten their lives! Not a very important fact, but just for your info...