Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well, that was relatively painless.

Pump service guy came out this afternoon, checked out the motor and impellor, declared them good - and actually had the part to replace what was broken, plus associated seals and such.  He didn't come equipped to install the thing, but that's just a matter of some PVC - Even I can do it.

So while I still don't know what the service call cost and I doubt it was cheap, it's unlikely to have been as apocalyptic as I feared.  A few plumbing parts, and we'll have running water again!


MamaLiberty said...

Whew! Got your Christmas present a little early, I think. :) Good deal.

suek said...

And some means of preventing freezing again?? that would be a good thing.

Do you think the cause of the problem was the freezing, or just a matter of wear and tear - any indication?

Joel said...

Almost certainly the freezing did it. In fact I was talking to S&L, my weekender neighbors, and they lost a pump exactly the same way. Right after it froze.

And it won't do it again, because Landlady bought heat tape and now we've got enough electricity that I can just leave it plugged in.