Saturday, January 8, 2011

Guess it's official: I'm gettin' old.

I know this because only old people are grandparents. And as of sometime in July, if all goes well, that's what I'll be.

Got the news from Daughter yesterday afternoon, and I'm still a bit shocky. Congratulations to Daughter and Ari the Husband!

And dear wishes that I'm a better granddad than I ever was a dad.


Big Wooly said...

Congrats, Joel!
Grandkids are fun! Much more fun than your own kids which your kinda 'sposed to be teaching manners and stuff. You can teach Grandkids to burp, cuss, and do all kinds of annoying things to make their parents crazy!

Anonymous said...

See Big Wooly above:
And then return them to their parents after too many sweets and no nap.
However .... Look out for the 'carrying grand kids photos syndrome' it is insidious.

"Wanna see my grand kids photos ?"

I am blessed with three. [two boys and a girl]

After they get big enough to walk and talk they get to be Really fun to spend time with I've found.
The amazing thing to me is that I can touch the future in holding them to my breast. Humbling and Intoxicating.

And I will stop there to avoid overstepping the bounds of being a considerate visitor to Your Space.

All the Best to the newest family member [come July], the parents and to the newest grand parent.


MamaLiberty said...

Congratulations! Oh what fun!

Trust me, Joel. Almost all of us are better grandparents than we were parents. It is the nature of things.

As parents, we seldom learn from the experience of others, and insist on making all of our own mistakes. As grandparents, we need to accept the mistakes and the need for our children to do it themselves.

And then we need to be available, just in case they ask us. It is often hard... but everyone does better when I give advice only when asked for it.

And absolutely nothing beats holding those little ones as a grandparent... since we are generally not so wrapped up in the massive job of providing for them and can sit back to relax a little.

The children need both parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles and as many other constructive members of an extended family as possible. It was meant to work that way. :)

Mayberry said...

Cograts Grandpa!

Anonymous said...


One of my Dad's favorite things was teaching my daughter to enjoy the good things in, fishing, and shooting. And some creative swearing. Oh, and told her all about how Nuns are called nuns because they "don't get nun".

Yep, being a Grandpa can be a whole lot of fun. ;D

The Grey Lady said...

I just recently joined the "mamma who has a child that had a child" Club and I have to say it is veeery different and most enjoyable.

Congratulations Joel!!!

lewlew said...

Congratulations!!!! What an exciting announcement!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Becoming a grandfather was one of my life-changing events.
Ranks right up there with meeting and later marrying my wife, and a close second to when I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.


Oh my gosh this is great. Congrats! Having grand babies is the whole reason not to kill your kids! I have 4. And they will LOVE the lair.

MamaLiberty said...

SWEETHEARTS MOM, that aspect never did occur to me. Actually, since my sons had THREE sets of grandparents, I worried more about them killing me if I strangled the kids. We eventually worked it out - but some days it was very close. :)

Now I have five bio grandchildren and that many more by adoption. I can make wise noises when their parents are complaining - grinning all the time. :)

suek said...

I've always loved the bumper sticker:

"If you think your parents are demanding...

Wait till you have kids!"

Heh. Tell your daughter "it's payback time!"

And enjoy those little ones as they come!