Sunday, January 9, 2011

Never heard of her.

Okay. I've recently learned that a congresscritter (and many other people, but they apparently don't matter much) got shot the other day. I wish to state for the record that:

  • I wasn't in Tucson at the time. I have two witnesses. They're both dogs, but still.
  • While I have been described as mentally unstable (it's libel!) I don't have an accomplice.
  • I don't have a MySpace page, and have never posted anything on YouTube.
  • I don't usually speak critically about religion, and - er - don't admit to smoking pot.
  • I am, I confess, really just into doing my own thing. That proves nothing. Nothing, I tell you!
  • I have never attempted to enlist in any government military force.
  • I am not now and never have been a disciple of Sarah Palin.
  • I am not a radical left-wing screwball. My philosophy is distinctly not left-wing.
  • I haven't owned a 9mm in decades, and have never owned a Glock. Not that there's anything wrong with them.

In short, I didn't do it. That's all I have to say about that.


MamaLiberty said...

I believe you, dear.

What I DON'T believe is that this was just some random nut job. Far, FAR too convenient a diversion.

With all of the cell phones taking pictures of everything under the sun... how come there are not hundreds of them washing around the internet? Huh?

How come there were no TV or media cameras present and recording? Huh?

Where in the world were all the Arizona armed citizens? Someone should have taken that nut out after the first shot... unless they were prevented from being present somehow. Huh?

I couldn't find it, but someone said her personal web page/blog had an announcement of the tragedy up almost before the ambulance got there. Huh?

And the blogs/pages/posts of this supposed shooter/loser have pretty much all vanished already - even from Free Republic! He's a non-person after less than 24 hours? Huh?

Lots more to this than meets the eye, me thinks.

CorbinKale said...

I hope it's not another case where the FBI agitates some fool to commit a crime, then loses positive control of their subject. The last one occurred when the previous Democrat President was sinking in the polls, too. Probably just coincidence.

Anonymous said...

I do not wish harm to anyone anywhere. [with a very few exceptions ....]

I do, however, wish that ALL politicians would no longer be employed anywhere, especially as 'politicians'.
In fact ... I wish the entire category of employment labeled 'politician' would be removed from the American English lexicon.

To the subject at hand.
I don't have two witnesses [canine, feline or human] but I can prove that I was not in the State of Arizona on that date.
[Do gas purchase receipts count ?]

Rumors to the contrary are just that.