Sunday, January 2, 2011

Remember "The Silence of the Lambs?"

I'm gonna spend this winter writing a potboiler called "The Freezing of the Ass."

Scriptorium's just way too cold, I'm going where there's a modicum of heat.  The good news - and I mean THE good news - is that the solar panels are clear and there's lots of sun, so even though none of  that is translating to heat I'm off to make fresh hot bread.

Any typos in the previous should be attributed to typing with mittens.


Big Wooly said...

Fresh bread warms the belly and the soul. Tried cooking on your woodstove yet?

Anonymous said...

Some years ago friends of mine lived in an ancient 2 story tarpaper farm house(shack). It had one big window in the front,and,by accident, they found out that dark carpets,furniture,blankets warmed up fairly well if they left the curtains open on a sunny day(blankets went over the windows at night)..They cooked and heated with a wood/coal stove. As I recall, one winter it got cold enough to freeze pop in deposit bottles(the old heavy glass ones). Glass everywhere!
The place also had a lot of "hippy insulation"(cardboard and newspaper).Not the safest or best looking, but it does help.
Winterizing used to be a major event..

MamaLiberty said...

Please post video of typing in mittens. This I gotta see. LOL

But I know what you mean. I'm much better off here, but if I forget to leave my little heater on low in the office, by morning it is simply too cold in here to do much until the heater can catch up... which can be a long time.

It was -7 outside here night before last, and about 49 degrees upstairs at 4AM. I'm really, REALLY glad I left the heater on. :)