Monday, January 3, 2011

"Why so many people hate congress"

If Congress wonders why so many hate them, this article below may help them understand.  Millions of Americans file quickly to get tax refunds (a tax refund means you over paid and they have YOUR money to which they have no legal right......and, of course you don't get interest on the money they hold but they would charge you interest if you underpaid.)  Many use that refund as part of their financial planning - pay a tuition bill, down payment on a car or a house or just pay the accumulated unpaid day to day bills.  This does not hurt rich America or people who don't pay taxes -- this hurts middle America.

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I've never begun to understand why so many people plan their deductions so that they "get a refund," and then pretend the government is sending them free money. It really is an interest-free loan to your oppressors.

Also, I can think of lots of other reasons to hate congress. And the bureaucrats that feed and are fed by congress. And the industries that feed and are fed by the bureaucrats...

Eisenhower should have warned about the government/industrial complex.

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My daughter in law was so shocked when I told her that their goal should be to adjuster their withholdings so that they are as close to zero as possible at refund time; I actually offended her. Her comment was "but we love getting a refund"...they just don't get it.