Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Global Warming to Destroy Life on Earth! Women and Minorities Hardest Hit!"

Last Monday we discussed the Great Leader's new economic disaster budget proposal, which includes a New! Improved! wireless network that will give everybody high-speed internet access. I don't recall whether this was to be paid for by cracking the bones of the vile oppressor class free or not, but it sure was gonna be a cool part of The Big O's historic legacy. I'm already working on the mold for the pistol target heroic bronze statue I'm erecting in my midden pile my front yard.

(Yes, I'm in a strikeouty mood. Sorry. I'll stop now.)

Obviously you can't have major societal improvement without a big propaganda push, which is not what this article is at all! No! This is a dispassionate discussion by a completely neutral and non-partisan media outlet!


Broadband internet access is one of the main tools for businesses and people to get ahead or, increasingly, to access many basic services. But not all Americans have broadband access.

In fact, a new telecommunications administration report, Digital Nation 2010, says that about one-third of U.S. households still lack a broadband internet connection. Furthermore, 5% to 10% of Americans only have access to internet services that are too slow to even support a basic set of online functions, such as downloading Web pages, photos or video.

Mobile broadband is a huge part of the future of internet access, which is why the Obama administration is pushing for its National Wireless Initiative, which would expand wireless broadband networks to cover where 98% of Americans live.
And will be brought to you by the same government that still openly dreams of an "internet kill switch." Any similarity between this and cognitive dissonance is merely your paranoid imagining.

I enjoyed Tam's take on this:
In other words, [those to most benefit are] neighborhoods full of unemployed, non-English-speaking, high-school dropouts, the ones most likely to want to watch streaming reruns of American Idol on their smartphones, are the ones least likely to be able to do so. In an unrelated economic factoid, these very same neighborhoods are also underserved by Whole Foods stores and Mercedes Benz dealerships. It's obviously a conspiracy.
Really. Y'know, sometimes I want to just chuck it all - live the life of a hermit out in the desert and let the world go to hell in its own way. Kirk was right about one thing, there's no intelligent life down here.


KurtP said...

Why am I having flashbacks to the Clinton Administration and AlBores "Digital divide"?

Joel said...

(Just guessing here) Because it's exactly the same bullshit? They don't even bother to serial number the stuff any more, or give it a decent finish...