Saturday, February 19, 2011

Opportunity to display my self-righteousness: Priceless

I really hated that broad when I was a teenager.

Hey, self-sacrificing sweetums! This is for you.


Anonymous said...

If her "skill set" in fact, is worth 120k- 500k in the private sector, then find another job. Should be easy enough,eh? That seems a no brainer to me. And you won't even have to whine.

Anonymous said...

If she had a skillset that was worth a poop, she wouldn't need to hire union thugs to extort more money from the thugs that rob the people.

She wouldn't need to work for a system that forces her students to sit in her class like so many inmates while she pours canned garbage into them. She might have to peddle her skillset in a free and open market.

Like a teaching degree is so difficult. And did she mention a masters degree? Pullleeeeaaaaze.