Saturday, February 5, 2011

I guess the weather got tired of being cold, too!

A warm wind started blowing. The temperature climbed to almost 50 in the space of two hours, all the snow abruptly melted, we're now knee-deep in clay mud. My water tap at the cabin gushed forth a little more than two gallons into a waiting 3-gallon bottle, then settled down to a fast drip. That tells me the damned outflow pipe from the damned cistern is frozen again. Last time it took days to thaw, but last time it didn't suddenly get this warm.

The weather forecast, which was eerily accurate concerning the late cold snap, correctly predicted that today would be warmer. It says tomorrow will get a bit cooler, then Monday will climb well into the fifties. I'll probably continue to camp where I am till Monday, then move back to the Interim Lair. Or maybe I'll firm up the improvised infrastructure and just stay here. I'm not sure, but I know which way the cat will vote: She doesn't like it in the lair. And of course since she's never been here, I don't dare let her out.

Certainly at the moment commuting between the Lair and the scriptorium is no fun at all. It's been a few years since I saw so much mud in the winter. Monsoon, sure, then we get lots of mud. But in winter it's usually more modest than this. We had a whole bunch of snow melt in the space of just a couple of hours, and it sure has made a mess - I was slip-sliding all over the place coming over here. If the wind stays up it'll dry pretty quickly, but the sky's supposed to clear off and the temperature get cold again tonight so it might just freeze.

Have I mentioned I hate winter?

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