Sunday, February 6, 2011

Most despots put down insurrections. I knuckled under to this one.

Well, we're back in the Interim Lair. I had planned to wait that decision until today or Monday, but Click had other ideas.

None of the animals was very happy about the decision to move. The cold didn't seem to affect them the way it affected me, and they're pretty set in their ways. Moving them to a new place that didn't have their accustomed cushions and spheres of influence did not please them. The dogs have been morose for days. Click the Cat took it another way entirely.

When Ghost disappeared yesterday, I wasn't concerned. As soon as S&L arrive on Saturday, he's as likely as not to go spend the weekend with them. He's been doing it for years. But Click has been confined to the Lair since we moved, because I was afraid she might get disoriented and lost outside of it. Unlike the boys, she's never been there. And the Lair is not yet terribly cat-friendly. There's no way for her to get into the loft, there are no cushions other than the one chair, and the litter box was, under the circumstances, rather improvised. She, as she had already abundantly explained, Was Not Amused.

So shortly after I returned to the Lair yesterday afternoon, Click escaped. Flounced off in a royal huff, more like. And she disappeared in a very determined manner. I looked for her everywhere and couldn't find her. Finally, frantic, I found her back at the Interim Lair. When I entered, she explained in great detail the extent of my mismanagement. She said things about my mother I wouldn't normally be prepared to stand still for. And she told me, in terms even a cretin like me might one day be able to understand, that I could take my "Secret Lair" and shove it where the moon don't shine.

I know when I'm beaten, so I gathered up LB and my chattels and moved back home. We'll try that again after the Lair is rendered more cat-friendly. Fortunately the weather is more moderate now anyway.


Big Wooly said...

Well, at least you only abdicated a temporary "throne".

Bustednuckles said...

You continually confuse my stupid ass when I try to imagine all these different places you are talking about, I have no sense of which is what.
I guess all I can say is stay warm.
Oh, and let me tell ya about cats.
My Grandfather used to go on vacation from the West Coast to tennessee and back. I
He would be gone for a whole month at a time. He would buy a big bag of cat food, cut it open down the middle and throw it downin the laundry room and take off.

There was an open window and a year round creek right close.
We would come back to find the cat asleep in the middle of the bag and weighing about six more pounds than it did before we left.
My own little varmint gets the same treatment.
She barely notices my return visits.

suek said...

My mother used to say that when you move cats to a new place, you should put butter on their paws. Being a well brought up daughter, I never argued. I also never followed the practice. I locked up the cat in a small place - usually a bathroom - for a day or two, then enlarged the available area, but restricted general access, then eventually let the animal out. We never lost one.

You're in a different situation, though. I don't know your feeding practices, or if cat feeds itself, but if you're in relative control, I'd feed at a set time (we feed our cats at night so as to get them enclosed in the garage for the night - we have coyotes in the area) and don't feed more than will be cleaned up in a couple of hours. Bring cat to where you want same for feeding. Daily if necessary. I think that eventually, cat will show up for feeding at the required time, and maybe will gradually feel at home there. If they're hungry, they usually go to where the food is.