Saturday, February 26, 2011

I guess you guys should stop reading this now.

Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter

To be fair, the article doesn't exactly proclaim the death of the blog, however much people at the NYT might love to.  The social sites like Twitter and Facebook serve a purpose, and may have killed off the Mommy Blog - but that's because they serve that purpose better than blogs ever did.
Indeed, small talk shifted in large part to social networking, said Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder of BlogHer, a women’s blog network. Still, blogs remain a home of more meaty discussions, she said.

“If you’re looking for substantive conversation, you turn to blogs,” Ms. Camahort Page said. “You aren’t going to find it on Facebook, and you aren’t going to find it in 140 characters on Twitter.”
Makes perfect sense to me, really. Newer tools don't necessarily make older tools obsolete, they just serve more specialized purposes better.

H/T to SnarkyBytes.

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Groundhog said...

That's because the young now live in the "Google it, Tweet it" era. Having an attention span of a gnat doesn't help much either...