Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just bitching about the weather...

I keep reminding myself that this has actually been a fairly dry and mild winter. It's not working.

Okay, we had two cold snaps that would have killed lesser mortals than myself, and the second one drove me right out of my home for a few days. We may never have running water again. That's a hassle. But most afternoons have been in the forties, and a few right into the sixties - briefly. Relatively little snow. The winter of '08 - '09 was much worse, overall. But the past few days the weather has stopped trying to freeze me to death and settled for blowing me away. The wind is usually mild here in the morning, only getting rough in the afternoon. But the past couple of days it has just blown and blown and blown. Even the boys don't want to go outside, and LB considers himself Nanook the Wonder Sled dog. Jack London would have kidnapped him for his own.

J&H prepared much more sheltered, if more confining, quarters for Torrie and Gaia. I've been huddling indoors reading books all day, watching my outdoor belongings blow off toward Nebraska. I hung some laundry the other day, and I'm still rediscovering some of it. What a pain. I keep compiling To-Do lists every morning, then new lists of excuses every evening for why they didn't get done. If Landlady sees the mess the boys have made of Gitmo without me cleaning it up, she'll evict me.

Ghost sure knew what day it was this morning. He waited and waited on the slope until S&L rolled past, and I watched him through binoculars as he trotted happily away next to their pickup. I won't see him again till tomorrow afternoon. LB was a bit wistful himself - they've got a nice house. I suppose I should take him for a walky now, but first I need to tie some lead weights around my waist.

Have I mentioned that I hate winter?

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