Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good news!

GC Guy: We're not causing these GM tube failures, Joel. Must be from shipping, because we've been really careful with them.

Me: I can't testify I haven't caused any failures, but I have been treating them like they're filled with nitroglycerin.

(Phone rings, GC Guy takes the call.)

GC Guy: Company wants a rush order of two units for the TSA at Chicago O'Hare.

Me: Okay, I need to go home and actually fill two tubes with nitroglycerin now.

GC Guy: I didn't hear that.

I console myself that I just build them, I don't decide where they get sent.

1 comment:

Mayberry said...

Oh man, nitro would be perfect!

Bad Mayberry. Baaaaaad. "They're just doing their jobs"... Which makes me want to go to the airport wearing a razor spiked steel jock strap, and "opt out"... Meh, I've no tolerance for tyrannical pricks, "doing their job" or not. They should know better...