Thursday, March 3, 2011

If you're planning to build a straw bale house...

I just want you to know - I'm busy that day.

One thing I never noticed about straw bales? They don't all come in exactly the same dimensions. So it seems you can, if you're very careful, get an interior or an exterior wall that's fairly flat. But the opposite wall will be...lumpy.

Also, a hardware store-grade electric weed whacker really isn't rated for reducing the width of a bale of straw, especially when it's being compressed by a million others. I went through a lot of trimmer line today, and didn't actually progress very far down a single interior bedroom wall. This is going to take forever.

I actually ended up knocking off an hour before I intended to, because at about three I went into the workshop to reload the spool - again - and L was in there refinishing an old sewing machine cabinet. Now, L has a reputation for being quite a talker. Normally you can pry yourself loose from it, especially if she's paying you to work. But today





And so other than straightening up tools and cords I didn't get any more work done. I suppose my back thanks her. I've gotta go back tomorrow, after shit-shoveling.


Big Wooly said...

There are different attachments available for weedwackers that might make the job easier than string. There are hard plastic "fingers" that do a pretty good job on soft (non-tree stem) stuff, and a four toothed blade is available for the really heavy jobs (that's what I use). I've even seen a regular circular saw blade hooked up to one.

Joel said...

Yeah, and I think those plastic blades might work a lot better than trimmer line. Dunno if you can buy the attachment for a Toro electric, though.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if an electric hedge trimmer would work?

Carl Bussjaeger said...

It probably voids warranties and outrages/horrifies/terrifies safety nazis, but I've seen people improvise by installing a bit of steel wire in the line spool. You know for those tough jobs.

If you did that, you'd want to exercise a certain amount of caution. Plastic trimmer line would leave welts or split skin. Wire would take it down to (and maybe score) the bone.