Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A terribly great leap forward!

GC Guy called me on Saturday, all excited. "We're getting a building for the geiger counters!" he crowed. M and Landlady happened to be standing there, so I hit the speaker button. Hilarity ensued.

I assumed he meant he'd rented some commercial space in town, which would have brought near-certain fiscal collapse to the whole enterprise but is the sort of thing GC Guy's father is capable of insisting upon. But no: They're literally getting a building. A 12X30 prefab. Towed to the property and dropped there. Okay, well, that made more sense. I suppose. When the radiation panic dies, you can always use it for something else. And argue with Dad over who's paying the $6000. I hung up the phone and yelled (something like) "SHITE!" Because I've really been hoping the inevitable end of the current radiation panic will cause the reduction - if not the complete collapse - of the market in geiger counters. But somebody's betting relatively big bux that that's not the case.

This morning the building arrived. It's exactly as advertised: A bare, 12X30 room with a garage door on one end, one people door and one window. A couple more windows, some electricity and some insulation and this will actually be a pretty good workspace - much better than the one we've been using. Till we get the windows in it's gonna be hell for ventilation, but GC Guy already has some spare windows it won't take us much time to install.

He's really excited. I was...less so.

In the Good News department, that old Taurus .44 is sweet! It's got a really nice trigger, and I've been carrying it around in this ludicrously mis-matched holster because I'm afraid it'll get sad all alone during the day. After all it comes from a broken home. There's a wonderful store in a town about 45 miles away that almost certainly has the holster I need, and possibly even some ammo (Did you know .44 Special has gotten hard to find? Because I didn't) and I'm trying to finagle a ride from any neighbor who's going in that direction. I'm still carrying around my salary from two weeks ago* and it's burning a hole in my pocket.

*In the bad news department, I'm theoretically making all this money but will have trouble actually getting paid. GC Guy's company insisted on taking me on as a 1099 employee, which was acceptable, but of course they pay in checks. Which are difficult to cash when you don't have Valid Government-Issued Photo Identification. Which I don't. So instead of FRNs, I'm getting paid in a different sort of green paper that's even harder for me to spend than usual. I'm working on it.


Matt said...

Get a fake ID, just good enough to cash a check. Maybe see if you have a trusted neighbor you could sign the check over to.

Big Wooly said...

Just because they issue you a pay stub and a check doesn't mean that's what they have to give you. Have them cash it out themselves and give you the money. Even if you get paid a day later in order for them to make the transaction, I expect it would be worth it.

Anonymous said...

On that .44 Special brass, maybe some could be made from damaged .44 Magnum cases? I do feel your pain, as I own a pair of .44 Special revolvers myself. Yep, $35/50 of lead 'cowboy loads', the standard 246 grain round nose lead at 750 fps and the HP 'personal defense' loads which are priced at $20/20 are your basic choices. The most economical I've found are the aluminum case CCI loads, about $30/50.