Thursday, April 7, 2011

"I know this is fiscal disaster and all, but..."

"I'm sorry - that's just frickin' hilarious."

Last week I told you how GC guy's delight at being able to order components by the pallet load turned to anger and disillusionment when the pallet went awry. And further awry. And then got lost entirely...

Well, yesterday he got a call from the freight company. The pallet was due that very day, sorry for the delay, blah blah. The timing was excellent: Without that shipment, yesterday was the very, very last day we could build geiger counters. In fact I only worked half a day yesterday.

This morning I get to the site and GC Guy's got all the furniture piled in the center of the room, and he's getting ready to staple up insulation - something we haven't had time to do previously.

" cases?"

GC Guy spun to face me, and I didn't know if he was going to laugh or set fire to the place. "Do you know what those *&^%s sent us? One thousand, six hundred and eighty cases, all with the wrong logo molded into them. They're useless!"

I didn't want to laugh. I mean, not right in front of him. But sometimes self control just isn't enough, y'know? And anyway, we're almost out of a lot of other things besides cases - that was just the first count to go to zero. We've gotta get our supply train in place if we're gonna do this, and this failure wasn't really the disaster it would otherwise have been.

So we spent the day insulating the new building, and we're out of the geiger counter building business for a while. Color me heartbroken.

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