Friday, April 8, 2011

Sandblasted Me

Oh, I should have closed the lid on my laptop before I left this morning.

A good high desert windstorm really sucks the moisture out of you. And deposits tons of grit and sand and ick that may have been in Mexico earlier this morning. Maybe this is their way of thanking us for Gunwalker.

Since I'm temporarily out of the geiger counter business, it was time to catch up on my shit shoveling. So I had promised and so I delivered, but I didn't count on a windstorm that kept sweeping the shit off the fork before I could get it to the wagon. That kept trying to push my wooden leg out from under me. That made me just want to find a nice solid wall to hide behind for the rest of the day. Three hours, and I feel like I just walked the Mojave on my knees.

This is a major one, and no day to work outside. But M's coming up tonight and was really hoping to use his tractor; lordy, I've still got to fix the fuel system, but I'm not even sure I can get the engine hood off without major damage. Next time I find a sheltered spot to park it.

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