Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lousy weather, good day.

The wind blew hard all night, then harder and colder this morning. Along around 10 it started to snow. It's still snowing, and the temperature gets lower by the hour. It's around freezing now, and overnight I suspect it's gonna be something of an ordeal.

That's okay, though - we got some work done on M's wall this morning, spent some happy time at a gun shop, then came home and got water running in Landlady's Meadow House! YAY! My fears that something bad had happened to the pressure pump have proven unfounded, which is super duper excellent. Also, once some JB Weld has a chance to set up, the tractor shows signs of actually wanting to start after sitting most all winter. Uncle Joel's happy!

Ghost and Little Bear celebrated by running off. The temperature headed toward freezing with white-out conditions, I bloody well let them. They eventually came home - Ghost was freezing to death, LB was white with snow and comfortable as a winter dog in winter. He wasn't particularly thrilled about coming inside, but they both got a good rub-down and now he's all bedded down with Click, who has gone back to remembering that she's his mom. I've got bean stuff in the pressure cooker, and M and I are gonna watch a movie and get down.

When we got together and looked at all the reloading stuff we (mostly he) had, it occurred to us that we were actually in pretty damned good shape to get our reloading act together with a minimum of outlay. So at the gun shop we dropped about $200 on components and toys, and I have a new project that's actually interesting and fun. Both of us used to do quite a bit of reloading but stopped for various reasons. With my series of moves several years ago I lost or gave alway most of my gear, but M's actually in pretty good shape. He's got a new .45 Colt, I've got a new .44 Special, both of us use a lot of .45 Auto, and it's time to set up a reloading shop. We've even got space! So that's the new happy project. Once we/I work out the kinks with pistol ammo, we'll start getting serious about working out new loads for our respective .308 rifles. I used to have a good load for my Browning but now don't even have the notes, and he's got a Savage that will probably do well with something similar.

If the weather cooperates tomorrow we'll be doing more concrete. Whether or not it does, we want to get the tractor moving and use it to move a new target stand to the wash. A couple of weeks ago M brought some armor plate for reactive targets. If we can get it set up, and start reloading, we can both get back into shooting. He used to be one hell of a shot and I used to be pretty good, but practice tells and neither of us have done much practice in the past couple of years. Hopefully that will be changing over this next summer.

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