Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ah, the ATF. Still keeping us safe.

Or at least entertained. At least this time they didn't kill anybody.

But I don't get this...
"We found out that the ATF was setting some bombs off to do some checking and seeing what they need to do for their bombs, and this apparently started the fire," DuBois said.
They were doing who to their what? Wait. When I first saw the article I assumed they were getting basic training about certain types of demolitions, or maybe on recognition and disarming techniques. I don't know what "seeing what they need to do for their bombs" even means. I thought the ATF was agin'em - how many bombs (he asked in a small, frightened voice) does the ATF have?

Besides, mine are satisfied with a cool dry environment and the occasional saucer of milk.

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