Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alone at last...

M and Landlady's Brother just drove off into the smoky haze, leaving me alone for the first time in 40 days.


We got a lot done on the Meadow house this  weekend, and the only part without a layer of stucco is the rear, which is the easy wall.  No windows, no really high parts.  I schlepped all the bags of stucco and sand, and am now so sore I can barely walk.  I've been doing my shit-shoveling on Sundays, that being my only free afternoon lately, but today I had to call and beg off - there's no way I can pull the shit-wagon up hills six or eight times today.  If the work at Geiger Counter Central slacks off this coming week as I expect, I can go over and catch up then.

We used Gulchendiggensmoothen to load the last of the big cell tower batteries into M's truck, so now I can return the tractor to its rightful place, top off the hydraulic fluid, and get back to work hauling manure in the afternoons.  Uncle Joel: Horseshit Capo!  Whadaya think?

The boys often spend Sunday in Gitmo, until the last chasable car leaves.  The last one just left, and now I hear Ghost whining to get out.  Didn't get a peep out of them all day, but now they know it's time.  Smart dogs.  Well, Ghost is smart.

I'm gonna hobble down to the Meadow House now with a book and a beer and a towel, and take a very long, soaky bath.

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suek said...

My Mom used to say that company is like fish - after three days they both stink!